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Education Investment In Numbers

Education Investment MENA 2014
Brochure released!

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PLUS: If you register before
2nd October you will save up to $600!

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Delivering transformational education - Increasing private sector investment
in driving innovative education delivery in MENA

Education Investment MENA is the definitive forum focusing on the business of education in MENA. Hosting leading Ministries, Regulators, Educators, Investors and Advisers, the annual meeting point of the private education community provides expansion, innovation and partnership opportunities for education businesses in Early Years, K-12, Higher, Vocational and Skills sectors.

"Great industry platform with broad participation. Well-organised at convenient location"

Jens Yahya Zimmermann
Partner & Managing Director, New Silk Route Growth Equity, UAE

"very professional event"

Mohammed Ali
Finance Manager, SAMA Educational Company Kuwait

"Well done, animated and diverse presentations
Well organized event, excellent follow-up and planning

Gertrude Gomez
Principal, American Creative Academy, Kuwait

"Congratulations on organizing an extremely successful land well run conference.
I found the seminars and discussions very useful

Dr.Abhishek Srivastava
General Manager School Devleopment, PNC Invsetments, UAE

"The speed networking was good fun and proved very worthwhile"

Helen Kavanagh
VP International, Mosaica Education

"The conference was a success, and I definitely enjoyed the spectrum of topics discussed."

Dr. Hassan El Kalla
Chairman, Edu Systems International (ESI), Egypt

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